Marquetry Veneers - 30 piece packet


Marquetry Veneers - 30 piece packet


An assortment of hand-sawn veneers for double-bevel marquetry. This 30 piece packet includes 2 pieces each of approximately 15 species in a nice mix of colors and grain patterns for marquetry. Although the variety of species may vary slightly depending on the veneers I have available, a typical packet includes the following;

- Cherry
- Sugar maple
- White oak
- Poplar
- Ash
- Red oak
- Alder
- Aspen
- Soft maple
- Mahogany
- Sassafras
- Black walnut
- Peruvian walnut        

The veneers are hand-sawn on a bandsaw, then drum-sanded to a uniform thickness of 5/64”. This is the thickness I use in my own work and will measure approximately 1/16” thick after final sanding upon completion of your marquetry project. Sizes are approximately 5” x 7” or slightly larger. 

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