Ordering One-of-a-kind Furniture

Each of the pieces I make are one-of-a-kind and either commissions or created on speculation. Commissions begin with conversations about the wishes of the customer and the space where the project will live. A non-refundable $300 design fee is required in order to start the design phase. When a design is settled on, the design fee is subtracted from the deposit on the work. Then initial design ideas are presented as rough sketches along with an idea of cost and timing. 

From the rough sketch, I build a full-size mock-up which helps define the proportions, the stance of the piece and the negative space around it. The mock-up is an especially important process for helping to arrive at pleasing proportions and as a means of communicating the idea clearly between myself and the customer. It serves as a 3-dimensional drawing, where joinery, problem-solving, and other fine-tuning takes place. The shadow lines, reveals and other fine details are slowly worked out later as the design of the actual project evolves.

Once the design of the piece, timeframe and budget are agreed upon a 50% deposit is required to begin. The remaining 50% is paid upon completion of the work, prior to shipment or delivery. Whenever possible, I meet with the customer in person and deliver the work myself. For greater distances, much of the communication happens over the telephone and online. The final piece is crated and shipped at the customer's cost when applicable. Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding a particular piece or to discuss a new project.


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